Vehicle Graphics

Most people don’t realize that the vehicle you use everyday in your business can be turned into a powerful advertising machine. In fact, the average delivery vehicle in America when turned into a rolling billboard generates over 16 million impressions each year! (American Trucking Association) Talk about ROI!

Vehicle graphics last for years, and will not harm your vehicle’s original finish.

Vinyl Cut Logos and Letters

Vinyl Cut Logos and Letters

These graphics are applied to doors and side panels but work with the vehicle color to create a strong presentation.



If your vehicle is used for your business and for personal use, you may want to consider a magnetic sign. Put it on when you are at work. Take it off when you are out on the town. In addition to being versatile, magnetic signs are also quite economical.

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full Vehicle Wraps

Wraps can cover the entire surface of your vehicle. This process makes an incredibly bold statement to anyone who sees it. The Original Sign Factory has the know-how and experience to make efficient use of all of your vehicle’s surfaces, creating custom graphics that work with the flow of your van, car or truck.

Window Graphic - Outside
Window Graphic - Inside

Window Graphics

Don’t stop with just the painted services and body panels. With today’s technology the windows of your truck or van can also be covered with graphics, and the driver can still see out!

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