1. A business with no sign may be a sign of no business.
  2. Any photo can be reproduced on your vehicle or sign.
  3. Our color graphics are outdoor durable up to 3 years without additional coatings or laminates.
  4. The best kept advertising secret: Graphics on your vehicle.
    • No paint
    • No size limit
    • Changeable
  5. A gold leaf sign will last 15-25 years.
  6. There is such a thing as a changeable banner!
  7. Washing a sign twice a year with mild soap and water will keep it looking new and extend the life of the sign.
  8. Urethane foam signs do not expand and contract, therefore the paint will last longer.
  9. Think of the money you spend on a sign as an advertising investment and you will discover the investment will get you a big bang for your buck.
  10. Put balance rhythm and harmony into your sign design; you will find this also works well for life in general.
  11. Your vehicle is a moving billboard waiting for great graphics and copy to advertise your business.
  12. A bold, to-the-point banner is an excellent way to draw the eye of a passerby.
  13. Quality design is what makes a sign work harder for you and your business.



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